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How to Turn Your Great Transition into Your Great Transformation

How to Turn Your Great Transition into Your Great Transformation

The last few years have thrown most of us into The Great Transition. We have all experienced Change- with a capital C!

Maybe for you, it was a Change in:

WHO you spend time with, work with, live with.

WHAT you do.

WHERE you live.

WHY you wake up – your purpose.

HOW you work.

One thing we have all experienced is that we are all living in a season of great uncertainty, The Great Transition. On the one hand, there is a feeling of "Seize the Day!" "YOLO!" and on the other, the fact "I need to pay my bills!" " I can't risk losing this job!".

Uncertainty creates in many of us anxiety, fear, insecurity. We make plans but hold them loosely. We dream big but realign our expectations to settle for less. This leads to a lack of engagement and motivation in work and in life.

Yet, this Great Transition, if seen with the right perspective, could be for each of us a Great Transformation!

Write down at least one transition that you are currently going through. Examples of common transitions are career (layoff/firing), family (marriage, parenting, divorce), community (move to a new city or neighborhood), personal (feeling stuck, unmotivated), life stage (retirement, empty-nesting), or organizational (new role, new responsibility, new boss)…

How are you feeling about this transition?

• Excited

• Hopeful

• Meh

• Disheartened

• Disappointed

• Anxious

Our external transitions directly impact our internal transformations. More specifically, how we view our external transition, whether the change is chosen or imposed, shapes our internal transformation.

For most people, change is viewed as "meh" at best and "debilitating" at worst.

A healthy internal transformation is the ability to transition and shift with confidence. It is the ability to inwardly grow in our awareness. A healthy internal transformation enables us to walk powerfully through transitions and continue our journey stronger, more assured in who we are and what we believe.

As you walk through your Great Transition, partner with a Professional Life Coach to begin your Great Transformation. A good place to start is by looking at your external transition and how this change is affecting your behavior. Then together, begin peeling back the layers and digging into your feelings, your thoughts, and ultimately pulling out your belief system. Do the hard work of weeding out your limiting and false beliefs, insecurities, fears, internal blocks.

The root of all our behaviors and actions lies in our belief system. This is where most of our transformational work is done. This is where true and lasting growth begins.

As a leader, how you address the Great Transition in your own life will have a dramatic impact on those you influence, both in your personal and work life. Your external transitions directly impact your internal transformations and your internal transformations will directly impact your future transitions.

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