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Trill (true + real) Chats:

True, real, authentic conversations about the topics that matter to us.

Isn't it time? Aren't we ready to connect and have honest and meaningful conversations with vulnerability and authenticity. Trill (true+real) chats are honest & authentic conversations, within a safe community of women, about the topics that matter to us.



I invite you join to an authentic and vulnerable exploration that will stretch you into deeper clarity and rewarding fulfillment. Group sessions include, but are not limited to: gaining clarity of purpose, a plan to achieve your vision(s), identification and understanding of your internal blocks, (re)packing your backpack, communication as key to thriving relationships, balancing  physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, while building into our social, family and work relationships...

 This on-line women's small group includes 6 weeks of group coaching in a small and safe atmosphere. Each session is 1 hour and each group is limited to no more than 8 members.

The insight and self-awareness you will acquire will be TRANSFORMational. Days and times for each group will be determined once the group members are chosen. Both day and evening groups are available. 
Contact me to see if this group is your best next step on your journey.

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