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Here's what women are saying about me...

My coaching experience with Heather was not only helpful but so much fun! Not everything our group did was necessarily easy or comfortable, but Heather showed us how digging deep and discernment can yield great results and "aha" moments.
Heather has the gift of encouragement and is a great listener. She has such a calm and measured presence and comes prepared with knowledge, experience, tools, and heart!

Allison N.

“I was getting ready to make a significant transition in my life – leaving the company I had worked for the past 23 years to grow my own business.  I was feeling overwhelmed and a bit afraid.  Heather helped me identify and work through the blocks in my life that were driving those feelings.  She listened to me as I identified words and events that triggered those feelings and helped me identify tools to respond in a positive and productive manner.  I now feel excited and confident to grow my business and see where God will take me.”

Susan P.

This is an efficient and powerful self- development group, Heather is an expert at her coaching and personal growth skills.

Leslie M.

Heather has been such a gift to dialogue with through part of my journey in leadership roles while working in a cross cultural ministry in Cambodia. I am thankful to have someone to develop my leadership skills with, targeting both strengths and weaknesses, as I work to raise up leaders in a rough and at risk environment. Even though we are working through Skype with a 15 hour time difference, it feels like we are in the same room and chatting over a cup of coffee!

Melissa S.

As a coach, Heather is supportive and kind. Our sessions together helped me tremendously.I am now willing to shift my attitude about the work itself and work on forgiving and releasing the disappointments. I continue with my goals and inner work.

Christine G.

I truly enjoyed my experience with Heather Dias's small group Trill (True+Real) Chats. The experience allowed me to focus on an aspect of my life that needed some time and attention. Through thought-provoking questions and exercises, I've gained clarity, focus, and insight into my life journey. Heather's knowledge and positive guidance has helped me take a more confident and committed step forward toward becoming the best of version of myself.  

Lisa D.

My experience coaching with Heather was truly life changing. Our work together was during a very transitional time in my life and I can’t imagine having anyone but her on that journey with me. She helped me discover the new purpose in my life. Through our work I learned to embrace my next chapter and to trust myself along the way. I’m forever grateful to her for the work we’ve done and will continue to do. 

Alex S.

This 6 week trill chat was the most satisfying gift I could possibly given myself. I am accustomed to purchasing fitness packages and this package was so much more. Your mind is such an important part to our well being. Heather is a very graceful host / leader. She gave us many tools and great direction to guide us easily and thoughtfully toward our purpose . 

Mary M.

The group session provided me with an opportunity to take a guided timeout of my daily life to reflect and decide on my future course with purpose, vision, goals and action steps. 

Kelly B.

Heather was an amazing coach as she had brought so much for me to learn and thing about for my journey going forward.  Helping me to be a better me.

Debbie R.

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